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Press Comments

Exquisite elegiacal playing and fiery thunderous brilliance.
South China Morning Post

Robin Zebaida's delicate discrimination was apparent in everything he played from Mozart's Fantasie in C minor to the mammoth demands made by Rachmaninov's Sonata no. 2 in B flat minor ... I was impressed by his versatility and prestidigitarian skill, showing his nimble dexterity as he performed incredible feats on the keyboard.
Daily News

A pianist of Herculean stamina ... with strength in charm, lyricism and subtle turns of phrase.
Musical Opinion

Quelle interprétation! Quel programme! (Ses mains) alliaient cette performance technique à la plus grande délicatesse des 'piani'. L'extraordinaire souplesse de ses poignets a ravi les connaisseurs.
Nice Matin

A perfect exponent of Rachmaninov's romanticism.
Sunday Observer

Zebaida brought the house down ... what a wonderful performance! I hope Robin Zebaida comes back soon to give us more music.
The Island

A dazzling piano recital.
British Council Website

Recommendations & Endorsements

A selection of your own comments from the UK and around the world. These comments come from professional musicians, concert organisers, music schools, university departments, and music lovers. Names are removed for privacy. Please email (below) to submit your own feedback.

Thank you for teaching my students when you stayed in Hong Kong only a few days.  You gave my student, JL, a mock exam on Grade 5; she got 142/150 after your teaching. Thank you for all you have done for my students. (Hong Kong)
Students and audience alike enjoyed [the masterclass] immensely. Some performers came back to me to comment personally on how fruitful the session was.  (Asst Professor, Hong Kong University)

Thank you for the wonderful concert you gave to Elsa High students on Friday. It was a real privilege to listen to you and such a rare opportunity for school children to be involved in the music. You are obviously a talented teacher and a natural educator as well as a world class concert pianist! We wish you continued success and look forward to welcoming you back to the school soon .(Hong Kong)

CD Off the Beaten Track 

Splendid and unusual repertoire, and lovely playing   


Off the beaten track is really attractive - wonderful programme notes, too! 


I returned yesterday to find your splendid CD - very affectionately played, and some really nice repertoire  

Absolutely divine   

Thanks so much for the cd which is sublime. Lots I hadn't heard before which is always a good thing - I especially like the Cesar Cui  

I am impressed with the spacious feel to the sound and the sense of immediacy and communication   

Your playing has been a delight. Your way of timing a phrase is so natural, especially in the song transcriptions   SCOTLAND, UK
Your elegant music is filling the house - am inspired.  A wonderful introduction for a novice listener   


It is an OUTSTANDINGLY beautiful CD -- I really, really love it.

 I have listened to this fascinating collection a few times over the last week and wanted to say how enjoyable it was to hear these seldom performed pieces...The programme notes have just the right mix of 'gossip' and information. 

I had tears in my eyes as I heard you play.


It shouldn’t have been called ‘Off the beaten track” – this is MUSIC! It gets under your skin, from the first note

(except for the later Scriabin which is scary).  

I love your playing - the  passion, the pianistic interpretation, the unique style.


I find it so soothing and it evokes all sorts of emotions.

Lovely playing and nice compilations of all those great romantic gems. Makes me quite nostalgic… The Cui makes a beautiful intro to this CD !  

Congratulations! The playing was exquisite and the choice of repertoire was really wonderful. I particularly love your beautiful piano tone.                  

The recording is wonderful and does total justice to your exquisite sound.

I listened to your CD over and over while driving from Washington to New York. The sound is beautiful and the performance is outstanding.  

It is thoroughly beautiful. I would like to commend you first of all on the CHOICE of the pieces and the order you chose......these are real gems that mostly no one knows. Great cover and programme notes.


A colleague of mine is an accomplished organist and a Director of Music and I gave him your new CD to listen to as he was driving to see his mother who lives 8 hours away. When he got back to Charlotte, Les told me he loved the CD and almost had several wrecks as he'd listen to a track and then search for the CD case to see who composed the piece.  


The CD felt like you were sharing a piece of your soul...


Had to write and tell you how beautiful your cd is... just gorgeous.  


First of all to tell you that I have listened with great care to your CD! It is BRILLIANT!! Congratulations! The thing I like more about it, is that it is a natural performance, natural sound, with no gimmicks   



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